Why Certified Anti Covid Products only?

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Are your employees actually using the certified PPE kit? It is very necessary and duty of employer to provide their employees a certified PPE kit to safeguard their health from penetration of infection through virus. Use of PPE may alter employees' notion of the COVID 19 hazards they are dealing with. Now the question emerges that “How will you know and what are the parameters to check the PPE genuinely?”  Let us share some important information regarding certification of PPE kits. There are two types of certification issued by the government.

Coimbatore-based South India Textile Research Association (SITRA) , an autonomous body under the textiles ministry and the Gwalior-based Defence Research & Development Establishment (DRDE) gives the certification and approvals for the manufacturing of PPEs and the fabrics used. The certification issued remains valid for a certain time period and both SITRA and DRDE preserves the sample sent by the producer or manufacturer.

As mentioned above, SITRA gives two types of certification for manufacturing of PPE kits, one is certifying the fabric which is used for making of bodysuit and other type of certification to stitched body suit after the make to ensure that it is protective from transmission of virus or bacteria. While selecting the PPE Kits, it is   the sole responsibility of employer to ensure the protection and safety of his employees based on the type of certification chosen.

Some companies are manufacturing the reusable coveralls with woven or knitted fabric with coating. But accelerated infection has increased the demand for one-time use coveralls as of now.

Few of the Coverall Specifications are listed below:

  1. Non-Woven Laminated
  2. Taped Seams for optimal Protection and Good Visibility
  3. Sterile
  4. 90 to 95 GSM
  5. Hooded
  6. Single-use
  7. Impermeable
  8. Leak proof

The whole process of certification involves checking that the kit meets the appropriate safety and performance standards and that technical files and user information are correct.

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