COVID 19 : Impact on future hospitality education

Posted by shikha88 10/06/2020 0 Comment(s) blogs,

Nobody had foreseen the prolonged period of COVID 19 outbreak; forget about the industries or sectors, even the biggest of the economies have failed to deal with the pandemic effectively. In a situation where the wait for its cure is becoming endless, the companies, organizations, businesses etc. have decided to live with it and move forward but with a big word of caution. Tourism and hospitality sectors are struggling to overcome the situation of laying off employees which will result in the job bleak.

It will also have an impact on the hospitality education; institutions have to make modifications in the course curriculum. The development of curriculum needs to be around the sense of responsibility while preparing the students for industry to work under crises. The educators need to add on the new-fangled vocabulary and procedures used by the hospitality industry such as “clinically clean” and “sanitized cleaning” along with the meaning of aesthetically clean and general safety. Delivering the contact-less services to guests especially while serving food, hygienic care while food preparation, kitchen area may be divided into segments; critical operation area, non-critical area and pre-preparation area, use of 100 ppm chlorine for sanitizing non-vegetarian items and 50 ppm chlorine for vegetarian items, cost management during crises period, focus on self-registration and self-service features via latest technologies. Educators should also include elementary knowledge on the possible communicable diseases, importance of social distancing and its impact on guests. Students, along with the present employees should be advised to pursue certification courses on COVID 19.

In the scenario where industry is going through radical changes, educators also need to “change with change” to make students ready as per the industry requirement. It’s the time when educators need to prepare the students to stand firm against the epidemic situations and move forward with the same confident SMILE.

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